Law Dog Productions

Family values and classic westerns with wholesome content and programming for the entire family.

LAW DOG PRODUCTIONS was born in the beginning of 2012. Owner Tino Luciano created LAW DOG PRODUCTIONS to bring back, “Family Value Programming” to television and in full length feature film.

With so many reality programs displaying every form of human degradation and prime time programming with dramas that have crime scenes splattered with gore, foul language, sex and nudity, LAW DOG PRODUCTIONS' goal was to sweep that garbage away and put family value viewing back on television.

LAW DOG PRODUCTIONS is a very unique production company that has chosen the genre of the, “CLASSIC WESTERN” with family values as its format of film and television programming in a series entitled Tales of the Frontier. From our characteristic use of lighting to our in depth character study portrayed in our screenplays, LAW DOG PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to bringing a core value to each and every one of our productions.

Building on more than 20 years of dedicated experience, Law Dog Productions, is devoted to providing the highest quality production entertainment for film, television and internet broadcast.